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Accomplish More: a Structured Program of Individual Support

In recent years executive coaching has evolved into a tool widely recognized to rapidly increase leadership effectiveness and levels of personal and professional achievement – for anyone who wishes to accomplish more. Whether a stand-alone program, or delivered in conjunction with group training and development, executive coaching assists and reinforces learning and changing behaviors.

A Proven Approach Designed to Quickly Enhance Performance

Invest in yourself. What are your aspirations? Where do you wish to improve performance? You control priorities; the goals we agree to are strictly yours. Our program:

  • Integrates established coaching methodology and our expertise to customize your coaching experience
  • Stresses a shared process to identify challenges, determine a plan of action, and hold you accountable for moving forward

SKYE’s Executive Coaching Produces Pragmatic Results

With a strong track record of success, we deliver potent executive coaching for you and high potential members of your organization. Executive coaching is a unique partnership that generates professional and personal insight, commits you to a plan of action, and systematically produces practical results. Here’s what we do:

  1. Establish expectations and identify initial areas for improvement and development
  2. Assess strengths, weaknesses and gain further insight with a Checkpoint 360™ Feedback assessment and interviews with select peers and co-workers
  3. Together, create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which clearly defines priority needs, action steps, and timing for work
  4. Conduct ongoing coaching sessions, work through your IDP, address road blocks, and maintain accountability for progress
  5. Measure results and reinforce learning and new behaviors through repetition

SKYE will help you move beyond self-imposed personal and professional limitations to maximize your full potential. Accomplish more than you ever thought possible.